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Educational TV Programme - Telecasting
The educational programmes produced by the SIET have won wide acclaim and appreciation from the student-teacher-parent community of the Kerala State. At present the SIET telecasts educational programmes through Doordershan from 6.30 Am to 7.00 Am in DDI on a daily basis. SIET Kerala now also telecasting educational programmes through the EDUSAT Channel of the Dept. of Education, Govt. of Kerala from 7.00 am to 11.00 p.m everyday.

The Institute has adopted itself to play a catalytic role in fostering as well as supporting and supplementing the educational movement in the state particularly in the arena of secondary and higher secondary education. Its area of operation covers the preparation of video/audio programmes for the children of 5 to 17 years of age (Class I to Class 12) and the teachers in the regional language in the form of supportive materials for the conventional class room teaching.

Well equipped with a panel of technical personnel and program producers , SIET is competent to produce world class dig ital learning materials to meet the needs of students. For the ETV productions topics are identified by the subject experts where the content outlines work as the guiding factor. The major thrust of production enfolds curriculum (Science, Math, Language, Environment, Moral Education and Teachers' programmes), enrichment and educational entertainment. The brain storming efforts of the in-house and outside script writers, producers, media experts, Lecturers-in-production and Research and evaluation wing collaborate in breeding a good programme.

Occasionally the SIET also organises workshops where the subject experts , media experts, persons writing for TV & AI.R., academicians/Educationists, Doctors, state and national awardee teachers and other experts ponder over developing ideas and script for production. Keeping the quality enhancing inputs in view, the scripts are tabled at a Script Review Committee Consisting of the Head of production, the producers, Lecturers-in-production, Scriptwriters and the Research and Evaluation officer where the script receives a finer shape for production.

After the script is ready, the producer, as the co-ordinator of the production, sits across the table with other constituent wings such as the cameraman, the Set Designers, the Graphic Artiste, Editors to chalk out the production strategy before the countdown starts. The planning meeting is important in view of the fact that all the concerned people in the programme are able to interact with the goal of contributing their best in the out-put. Then only the producer goes for recording of the programmes depending upon the design of the script whether to be accomplished outdoors or indoors.

After the Audio and Video recording is over , certain refinement is achieved at the editing table to give a concrete and final shape to the programme.

The producer submits the completed programme before the in-house preview Committee where a detailed discussion is taken up and necessary alteration suggested, if any.
Another programme preview meeting is held under the chairmanship of the Director of SIET once in every month.

The programmes, complete in all respects, are transmitted through Doordarshan Kendra at 6.00 AM. on all days of the week excepting Saturday and Sunday.

All the constituent wings of production & Academics such as the Lecturers-in-Production, the Producers, Production Assistants, Script Writers, the Cameraman, the Scenic Designer, the Graphic Artists, Editors and the Floor Manager etc. are high up in their technical skill and experience.

The high professional excellence, technical quality and educational value of its programmes have earned the laurels of victory for its efforts in the different National Educational Video/film Festivals in different years.
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