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 SIET, Kerala have more than 6000 high quality Educational Audio/Video programmes both in Malayalam and English
     language in its Library.

2.  SIET Kerala have more than 600 one hour educational CDs for sale in its CD showroom. At Science and Technology
     Museum PMG Jn. TVM

3.  CD Library Project( for titles refer Cd library)

   120 Educational CDs for SSLC Students  :   Rs. 4800
   50 Educational CDs for Primary Students :   Rs. 2000
   150 Educational CDs for Plus Two Students :   Rs. 6000
   150 Educational CDs for Plus One Students :   Rs. 6000
   20 Educational CDs for Medical Entrance Students :   Rs. 800
   30 Educational CDs for Engineering Entrance Students :   Rs. 1200
   10 Audio CDs of Different Kinds :   Rs. 400
For purchasing  the Cd products  of  SIET kerala  visit our CD showroom at   Science and technology  museum campus, PMG junction, Trivandrum
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