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Objectives of Education Satellite System are to meet the challenges of number and quality of education through

   1. Providing effective teachers' training,
   2. Supplementing the curriculum based teaching,
   3. Greater community participation and monitoring,
   4. Providing access to quality resource persons (higher & professional education),
   5. Strengthening the distance education efforts initiated by various agencies,
   6. Taking education to every nook & corner of the country, and
   7. Providing access to new technologies.

Following are some of the main features and services of the proposed system:

   • Multimedia
   • Multicast with provisions of interactivity from all remotes
   • Secured access to transmission through registration and accounting
   • Educational content archival service
12 hour educational channel for school education was officially inaugurated by Hon. Chief Minister of Kerala Shri. V. S. Achuthananthan on 3rd August 2006. The channel is unique in the sense that it caters to students & teachers on a need based manner. The programmes are aired on demand, sensitive to school curriculum and even time-table.

The ISRO has augmented the Up linking Station in time for another channel-a non interactive one. The technology deployed is similar to the direct-to home (DTH) technology used in other TV channels. Education videos, as per the Kerala syllabus and curriculum, are primarily aired during school timings. The programs are developed with the objective of not replacing the existing teachers of our schools but to strengthen their hands. Teacher could use the TVs inside their classrooms to give that much desired multi - sensory approach to make classroom teaching a joyful experience. The project envisions a tri-partite intervention with teachers, students and ViCTERS inside the classroom. After school hours, the students, who could afford that, rush to tuition teachers or search for guide books. Those who cannot afford it, have left with no other option but to consume what ever they get in the classroom. The ViCTERS is designed to provide an excellent alternate source of information for such poor studends. The attractive aspect of this channel is that it airs programmes repeatedly at the request from students and teachers of schools. The educational content provided mainly by SIET, Other agencies like PRD, Doordarshan, Directorate of Health Service and different agencies, are child friendly and gives a wealth of information to the student community.

Kerala is all set to become a model state by making use of ISRO's EDUSAT to impart training to teachers and students in schools. The training is aimed at improving the educational standards and language skills of school students.
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